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Basketball Training

Top Flight Sports offers a comprehensive private training course that can help basketball players of all ages (7-18) improve the following aspects of their game. Our goal is to tailor a development program that will push you to become the best player you can be.

Below are the skills we will include when developing an individual development plan for each of our athletes:

  • Ball Handling and Breakdown Moves
  • Shooting (Technique and Form)
  • Shooting on the Move/Off the Dribble
  • Finishing in the Paint
  • Moving without the ball/using screens
  • Footwork
  • Position Development (Point Guard, Wing, Post)
  • Triple Threat Moves to Improve Scoring Opportunities
  • Defense
  • Conditioning
  • Seeing the Floor/Decision Making

Note: With the high demand for individual 1:1 and small group workouts you must submit an email to